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Job TitleDepartmentJob CodeLocationDate Posted
Associate Finance Manager (Accounting) Finance1992Wilton, CT, United States5/25/2015
Associate Process Engineer R&D1773Trumbull, CT, United States5/25/2015
Associate Scientist – Technical Master Data Specialist and Specification Writer Supply Chain & Logistics982Trumbull, CT, United States5/27/2015
Associate Technical Brand Leader (RD&E) R&D2043Trumbull, CT, United States5/25/2015
Blending Operator - Nights Manufacturing2040Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/28/2015
Business Analyst - Procurement Finance1922Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/25/2015
Contract Recruiter Human Resources1852Bowling Green, KY, United States2/13/2015
Customer Account Revenue Specialist Supply Chain & Logistics1917Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/26/2015
Director of Financial Reporting Finance1730Wilton, CT, United States5/20/2015
Forklift Operator - $12 / hr Manufacturing1610Bowling Green, KY, United States5/26/2015
I & E Technician Manufacturing1916Pasadena, TX, United States3/16/2015
Industrial Electrical Systems Technician - BG - GEN MAIN - 09-1064 Manufacturing1456Bowling Green, KY, United States3/24/2015
Industrial Maintenance Technician - from $20/hr - BG Manufacturing1543Bowling Green, KY, United States3/24/2015
Information Technology Internship Information Technology1896Wilton, CT, United States5/28/2015
Injection Molding Operator Trainee- Nights Manufacturing2026Salt Lake City, UT, United States4/29/2015
Lead Maintenance Technician - BG - PROD MAIN - 09-1330 Manufacturing1455Bowling Green, KY, United States3/24/2015
Machine Operator-from $13/hour Manufacturing1540Bowling Green, KY, United States5/22/2015
Manager - Brand Project Management Supply Chain & Logistics1850Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/17/2015
Manager, Category Development Sales1980Wilton, CT, United States5/26/2015
Manager, Customer Development, East Sales1967Field offices, United States5/26/2015
Manager, Trade Management Sales1960Wilton, CT, United States5/26/2015
Manufacturing Engineer Manufacturing1772Bowling Green, KY, United States12/23/2014
Mechanic Manufacturing1807Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/20/2015
Molding Operator - Area 1 Shift 25 - Days Manufacturing1987Salt Lake City, UT, United States4/14/2015
Molding Operator - Days Manufacturing2039Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/20/2015
Molding Operator - Nights Manufacturing2036Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/20/2015
Multicrafted Maintenance Technician - FSS - $22/hr.- 11-0438 Manufacturing1316Bowling Green, KY, United States3/24/2015
Multi-crafted Maintenance Technician - PROD MAIN - 13-0421 Manufacturing857Bowling Green, KY, United States4/3/2015
Packaging Engineer (BF-P) R&D1066Trumbull, CT, United States5/28/2015
Packaging Material Handler - $12 / hr Manufacturing1877Bowling Green, KY, United States3/16/2015
Post-Audit Specialist Supply Chain & Logistics2037Bentonville, AR, United States5/27/2015
Pricing Analytics & Optimization Manager Sales1802Wilton, CT, United States5/26/2015
Process Engineer - Innovative Forms R&D1969Trumbull, CT, United States5/25/2015
Process Engineer, Entry Level Manufacturing1729Pasadena, TX, United States3/23/2015
Procurement Manager Supply Chain & Logistics1903Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/17/2015
Procurement Manager Finance1851Wilton, CT, United States5/25/2015
Product Toxicologist/Sr. Product Toxicologist R&D2064Trumbull, CT, United States5/26/2015
Replenishment Analyst—Walmart & Sam’s Club Supply Chain & Logistics1944Bentonville, AR, United States5/25/2015
SAP Business Intelligence Manager Information Technology1598Wilton, CT, United States5/25/2015
SAP Senior MM Analyst Information Technology1918Wilton, CT, United States5/25/2015
Senior Controls Specialist Manufacturing1950Bowling Green, KY, United States3/24/2015
Senior Customer Supply Chain Specialist Supply Chain & Logistics1848Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/13/2015
Senior PI / ABAP Developer Information Technology1332Wilton, CT, United States5/25/2015
Senior Scientist R&D1601Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/26/2015
Senior Training Specialist Manufacturing1708Bowling Green, KY, United States4/23/2015
Shift Coordinator Manufacturing1945Dyersburg, TN, United States5/1/2015
Shift Team Manager - Nights Manufacturing2042Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/20/2015
Sr. Automation Engineer R&D1913Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/6/2015
Team Manager, Maintenance Information, Production Maintenance - PROD 10-1043 Manufacturing1727Bowling Green, KY, United States2/1/2015
TPM Administrative Analyst Supply Chain & Logistics1716Salt Lake City, UT, United States5/26/2015

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